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Transition Guide for moving from 11th to 12th editions
October 3, 2013

Ken Janda, Jerry Goldman, Jeff Berry, and Deborah Schildkraut welcome you to, the companion web site we've developed for the 12th editions (Complete and Essentials) of our text, The Challenge of Democracy (2014). [The site also works for other editions.]

Our site is divided into three parts. The instructor side contains valuable material for innovative teachers. The student side contains a wealth of information: chapter synopses, annotated web links, computer programs, and more. About the text may interest either students or instructors. Please send comments and suggestions to

Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, our publisher, maintains its own sites with different offerings.
• Users of the 12th Complete edition, go to
Cengage for instructors 12th.
• Users of the 3rd Essentials edition go to
Cengage for instructors 3rd.