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As instructors ourselves, we often turn to our colleagues for teaching ideas. In that spirit, we created this web site for instructors who have adopted The Challenge of Democracy as a text for their class. From here, you can access all the material available on our student web site, but as an instructor you will have access to other teaching material associated with our text, such as:

  • a sample set of syllabi for instructors to consider
  • a short survey of demographic traits and political opinions for use in your course
  • a list of research topics and tips for students
  • instructions--that you can to review, amend, and distribute-- on "how to write a research paper"

Because we believe that Challenge adopters should determine how, when, and whether they wish to incorporate any of this material into their courses, we bar students from these teaching resources. Access is limited to bona fide instructors using our text who register as adopters. We promise that you will not be put on an annoying listserv. But you can choose to receive e-mail updates when we post new services. Of course, you can cancel your registration any time.

Enjoy the site-- Kenneth Janda, Jeffrey Berry, Jerry Goldman, Deborah Schildkraut, and Paul Manna

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