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Updated March 10, 2017

Internet Links for Chapter 9: Nominations, Elections, and Campaigns

Chapter 9 discusses the peculiar nature of the American electoral systems--one for congress and a different one for president. Many sites sproug up for the 2016 presdiential campaign and may fade away..

2012 Presidential Candidate Sites
All Candidates
2016 lists all that sought the Republican Party nomination for president.
Presidential Election Analysis
Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball
"A comprehensive website run by the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball features detailed and frequently updated analysis for elections across the country. The Crystal Ball keeps tabs on presidential elections, along with every Senate and gubernatorial race, as well as the tightest campaigns for the House."
Votamatic: Predicting the 2016 Electoral Vote
"The forecsts were wrog. Trump won. What happened?"
Electoral College-Home Page
Official site of the National Archives: "The Electoral College, administered by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), is not a place. It is a process that began as part of the original design of the U.S. Constitution. The Electoral College was established by the founding fathers as a compromise between election of the president by Congress and election by popular vote. The people of the United States vote for the electors who then vote for the President. Read more about how the terms "Elector" and "Electoral College" came into usage."
History of Presidential Elections
"This part of our site provides the history of each Presidential election. We present both the popular and electoral votes in each election, as well as states won, issues in the election and turnout."
Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections
"The Atlas is a free internet resource providing results of U.S. Presidential Elections to the world community. Data is collected from many official sources and presented here in one convenient location. Site membership is now available for those individuals or groups."
History of Presidential Debates
Offers video and commentary on presidential debates since the 1960 television debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.
Fair's Presidential Vote Equation
A well-known attempt by Economics Professor Ray Fair at Yale to predict presidential elections using a statistical formula involving the Democratic share of the two party vote in the previous election, real growth in GDP per capita, and other economic indicators.
Presidential Elections from 1860-1912
Features political cartoons from Harper's Weekly and other sources and offers political commentary of the day.
Election Campaigns and Campaigning
ABC's The Note
This site is the place that political reporters and junkies turn for the nuts-and-bolts information they need to plan their C-Span viewing -- or to find out when a presidential candidate is coming to town.
Annenberg Political Fact Check
Housed at the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center, Fact Check strives to reinforce the late New York Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan's conviction: "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts."
Talking Points Memo
TPM is a Web-based news organization that focuses on breaking news, original reporting and investigative journalism,. It is a must-read for DC insiders and the media who cover them.
The Daily Beast
"The Daily Beast was founded in 2008 as the vision of Tina Brown and IAC Chairman Barry Diller. Curated to avoid information overload, the site is dedicated to breaking news and sharp commentary. After the merger, The Daily Beast became the online home of Newsweek Magazine, which has served as the world's preeminent conversation starter since its founding in 1933."
Election Campaigns and Campaigning--General
Campaigns and Elections
Magazine for campaign professionals. It has stories about polling, strategy, etc.
Mandate Media
"We are an internet strategy, services, and advertising firm specializing in progressive political candidates and advocacy organizations. We are a small, boutique firm who aggressively advocates for our clients and provides top-notch customer service. We are smart, happy, and fast."
Designing Campaign Websites
"Looking for a website platform designed for political candidates? Online Candidate (R)provides the domain, hosting, design, tools and resources to build your online campaign."
National Journal's Daily Briefing on Politics
National Journal properties include, National Journal, National Journal Daily, and National Journal Hotline. This is a respected source of news on national politics.
Federal Election Commission, Campaign Finance, Election Administration
Federal Election Commission: Official Site
In 1975, Congress created the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to administer and enforce the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) - the statute that governs the financing of federal elections. The duties of the FEC, which is an independent regulatory agency, are to disclose campaign finance information, to enforce the provisions of the law such as the limits and prohibitions on contributions, and to oversee the public funding of Presidential elections
National Association of State Election Directors
The Mission of the National Association of State Election Directors is to promote accessible, accurate and transparent elections in the United States and U.S. Territories.
Open Directory Project: Elections
A comprehensive general site all all things dealing with elections, constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors.
Center for Responsive Politics:
CRP is the nation's premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy. Nonpartisan, independent and nonprofit, the organization aims to create a more educated voter, an involved citizenry and a more transparent and responsive government. In short, the Center's mission is to: Inform citizens about how money in politics affects their lives; Empower voters and activists by providing unbiased information; Advocate for a transparent and responsive government
Campaign Finance Institute
Founded in 1999, CFI is a think tank for campaign finance policy that analyzes fundraising by candidates and parties and by interest groups that spend on politics.
General Election Analysis
InfoPlease on U.S. Elections
A handy and wide-ranging compilation of Internet links concerning elections and voting.
Public Broadcasting on Elections
Compiled for 2016 presidential election.
Election Administration
Electoral Knowledge Network
"The ACE website is an online knowledge repository that provides comprehensive information and customised advice on electoral processes. The website contains in-depth articles, global statistics and data, an Encyclopaedia of Elections, information on electoral assistance, observation and professional development, region- and country-specific resources, daily electoral news, an election calendar, quizzes, expert networks and much, much more."
Ballot Access News
Painstakingly compiled by Richard Winger, BAN focuses on state laws concerning how candidates and parties get on the ballot. But BAN also publishes very useful tables on candidates, parties, and votes in statewide and national elections.
Election Data Services
"Election Data Services Inc. is a political consulting firm specializing in redistricting, election administration, and the analysis and presentation of census and political data. Election Data Services was founded in 1977 and over the past 30 years has developed a variety of consulting services and political information products for businesses, associations, and governmental organizations."
Design for Democracy
"Established in 1998, AIGA Design for Democracy applies design tools and thinking to increase civic participation by making interactions between the U.S. government and its citizens more understandable, efficient and trustworthy. Independent, pragmatic and committed to the public good, Design for Democracy collaborates with researchers, designers and policy-makers in service of public sector clients and AIGA's goal of "demonstrating the value of design by doing valuable things."
Elections and Electoral Systems
International Foundation of Election Systems
"It provides content on: National elections around the world; Subnational elections of high interest; Political parties and candidates; Referenda provisions; News on election-related laws and political developments around the world; Political institutions and electoral systems; and Election results and voter turnout." 
The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems
"CSES is a collaborative program of research among election study teams from around the world. Participating countries include a common module of survey questions in their post-election studies. The resulting data are deposited along with voting, demographic, district and macro variables. The studies are then merged into a single, free, public dataset for use in comparative study and cross-level analysis." This site is for serious users.
Election Resources on the Internet
"Welcome to the Election Resources on the Internet website. In this space you will find links to Internet sites around the world which provide complete and detailed national and local election statistics, as well as other election resources. If you know of a site that meets such criteria and you do not see it listed here, please send me a message."
Adam Carr's Election Archive
"The largest, most comprehensive and most up-to-date archive of electoral information in the world, with election statistics from 182 countries" A great source.
IDEA: Voter Turnout Data Hub
"The International IDEA Voter Turnout Website contains the most comprehensive global collection of voter turnout statistics available. Regularly updated voter turnout figures for national presidential and parliamentary elections since 1945, as well as European Parliament elections, are presented country by country using both the number of registered voters and voting age population (VAP) as indicators"