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Updated March 10, 2017

Internet Links for Chapter 12: The Presidency

Chapter 12 deals with arguably the most powerful political officer in the democratic world, the President of the United States. But as the chapter makes clear, the president's power is distinctly limited in domestic policy. The president does not make the laws, only signs bills enacted by Congress. The president also does not directly control the economy; that's the job of the Chair of the Federal Reserve System. Use these links to learn more about the presidency.

Welcome to the White House
Gateway site to the Presidency.
White House Historical Site
A comprehensive site with links to past presidents, first ladies, the Oval Office, Camp David, etc.
American Presidency Project
"The American Presidency Project (, was established in 1999 as a collaboration between John Woolley and Gerhard Peters at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Our archives contain 96,674 documents related to the study of the Presidency." It includes Inaugural Addresses, State of the Union Addresses, Executive Orders, Econoic reports, and more.
Skeleton Closet: Scandals on All Presidential Election Candidates:
"All the Dirt on All the Candidates for President since 1995, because character DOES matter."
Electoral College-National Archives
Definitive government resource for the Electoral College.
Commission on Presidential Debates
CPD was established in 1987 to ensure that debates, as a permanent part of every general election, provide the best possible information to viewers and listeners. Its primary purpose is to sponsor and produce debates for the United States presidential and vice presidential candidates and to undertake research and educational activities relating to the debates.