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Global Terrorism, Domestic Order, and the United States

Kenneth Janda, Northwestern University

In Anatoly Kulik (ed.), Professionals for Cooperation , Volume 5, (Moscow: 2002).
A publication of the Russian-American Academic Exchanges Alumni Association.

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This paper studies the effects of international terrorism (a perverse byproduct of globalization) on the original purpose of government--to preserve life and maintain order. Drawing on the terrorist attack on America of September 11, 2001, it follows these points:


The terrorist attack on America jolted the political consciousness of the American public and fundamentally altered U.S. foreign policy.


Originally shrouded under economic considerations, globalization was exposed for its unintended impact on the basic purpose of government--to preserve order.


So far, the United States has responded reasonably well to the challenge presented by the terrorist attack by adopting a multilateral rather than unilateral response.


The future will test the United States' ability to eradicate international terrorism through a multilateral foreign policy while preserving civil liberties at home.

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